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Young champions 2020 are known

For the first time in its history, Chuchle Arena Prague hosted the show jumping national championship for children and juniors. During the three days of the extended second weekend in August, they competed in three individual and two team categories.

In the children's category Adéla Dvoranová with the mare Balantýnka won the championship title, after overcoming all the basic rounds and the fastest jump-off without penalty points. Štěpánka Mašková and Allo Allo took the second place, Kristina Vítek and Starpower placed third.

Among the younger juniors, Nikola Egrová and Quilisca secured the championship title with the fastest times and performances without penalty points in the basic rounds. Daniel Hakr and Denny placed second, Natálie Kovářová and Chacco-TO won bronze medal.

Anna Kostková and Clingold became the champions among older juniors, when she completed the shortened course with four penalty points, which was enough for the victory; Anna Lani Novak and Last Minute gave up after complications and took the final second place. Lucie Melmerová and Loretta succeeded in jump-off for the final third place.

Team Prague 2 (K. Růžičková, A. Abtová, M. Held, S. Fraňková) won the children's team competition in front of Prague 1 and Středočeská 1, and Středočeská 1 (A. Kostková, O. Písařík, A. Opatrná, A. Písařík) won the junior team competition in front of Prague 2 and Prague 1.